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  • Environmentally Educational Hiking Opportunities At Wildcat

    Looking to step away from the ordinary? At Wildcat we offer guests the opportunity to look at nature in a different way by providing guided hikes and tours with naturalists from the Tin Mountain Conservation Center and Appalachian Mountain Club. The naturalists from both will lead you on a path of learning about the diverse ecology in the White Mountain National Forest. Read on to see what it’s all about.
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  • Name A Wildcat Mountain Trail!

    Be the envy of family and friends this next ski season when you casually tell them that you named a trail at Wildcat Mountain! As most of you know, most trails at Wildcat Mountain have a cat theme when it comes to their name. However, the trail currently known as "Easy Way" does not and this is where we need your help! Do you have a clever, fun, feline-inspired trail name we just have to use?
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