Tune & Repair Shop

Ensure your equipment is up to Wildcat standards

We proudly offer a wide variety of technical tuning available right in the Wildcat Mountain Base Area. If technical needs arise, let our qualified and certified staff mount your releasable bindings, perform base work, wet belt, stone grind and overnight tuning and waxing services.


Type of Tune and/or repair


Basic Tune - Side edged, belt, edge polishing & Hot wax$30
Full Tune - Side edged, belt, stonegrind, hand-filled edges, polishing & Hot wax$40
Race tune - side edged, belt, stonegrind, hand-filled base & edges, 4 stone polishing process and temperature specific Swix wax$50
rust removal$10
hot wax$15
basic base repair$10
test & adjust bindings - Alpine $25
mounting release bindings - Alpine $40
mounting non-release bindings - snowboards & Telemark$25

Hotbox Wax Treatment - The Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Service   - $35 

The Wildcat Mountain Tune Shop is now proud to offer a “Full Service Spa Treatment” for your skis or snowboard using our Hotbox. When your bases get dry, turn white in color, have no glide and generally start looking rough, they need wax! That’s where the Hotbox comes in. The heat from the hotbox opens the pores in the base structure of your skis or snowboard to allow the wax to penetrate and be absorbed into the base creating a much harder, faster surface thus also helping to preserve the base.

Please note: (2 day minimum, Alpine Skis or Snowboards are required to be NEW or just tuned)

Add to a Full Tune for only $20 extra.

Tune & Repair Packages  

Buy 5 tunes and get one free! Choose from a selection of 6-Pack Tunes below, great for gifts or everyday convenience throughout the season.

  • 6-Pack of Basic Tunes: $125
  • 6-Pack of Full Tunes: $200

Seasonal Service Plan - $199

Maximize your season of on-snow performance with Wildcat Mountain Seasonal Service Plan. Leave your skis/snowboard overnight or each week through the season and let our ski techs keep your equipment in top shape all-season long.