KJ Pre-Season Tuning

So you’ve spent all summer, or if you’re like me, the last 2 weeks getting yourself in shape for ski season. You have that rad new jacket and goggles hanging on your coat rack by the door just in case it snows tonight.  Maybe you even got new boots and skis or a brand-new board. You’re ready! Now all we need is some snow and it’s time to shred right? Not so fast, during my years in the tuning shop and my lifetime on skis I have found one thing to be true come the first day of the season. We are never as prepared as we thought we were, and the issue for a lot of people lies in their gear. 

As exciting as new equipment can be it is always a good idea to have it checked to make sure it’s functioning properly.  New ski boots can be so comfortable that you put them on at home and want to walk all the way to the mountain for first chair, and who am I to stop you?  Before you click in and head up the lift make sure that your bindings are properly adjusted to your new boots. Similar boot sizes can vary greatly when it comes to the overall length of the ski boot (Boot Sole Length) and even a small change can make a big impact on the safety and performance of your bindings.

Another problem that is much more common and much less talked about is the overall condition of your equipment.  I personally take pride in how gritty my skis get during spring skiing. It can be hard to wipe away the dirt and grass that represents the last day I was on snow.  Underneath that layer of glorious memories are scratched bases that are begging for wax and beat up edges with some rust starting to develop. Well as much shred cred as dirty skis got you in the spring, early season is all about sharp edges and fast wax for some hot laps with your friends.

Don’t get left behind on opening day. Bring your skis or board to us before closing on Columbus Day, Monday Oct 14th to have your skis ready for opening day! We will be offering our full line of tuning/repair options so weather you just need a wax on your brand new gear, bindings mounted, some major core shots filled, or would like a safety inspection done on your gear stop on in and make sure your equipment is as ready as you are. 

Until then, Think Snow


Wildcat Mountain Rental & Tune Shop