Thankful To Be Open

As I've walked through the lodge over the past few days, it’s GREAT to see everyone back at The Cat!  Many of our season passholders are back, the “usual suspects” have been posted up at the Pub, ski team families are making their way back to the mountain and we are now open for the season! Boom! Over the past few days, Ma Nature has been throwing us some curve balls with the weather including 58 degrees here on Saturday...what’s that all about!?!?  But today our snowmaking crew is getting back to doing what they do best, making snow again! We saw a dusting of natural snow at the summit this afternoon and temps are beginning to drop in to a favorable snowmaking window. Elevation is on our side and as I sit here and type, the crew is firing up guns on Upper Lynx!

I’ve been trying to type a “blog” update all day but with our mountain ops guys giving it 110% right now, I’m itching to get out and help.  With that said, stay tuned, I’m headed out to help the crew get those guns going!

Thanks for a great Turkey day weekend, it was great seeing everyone back at Wildcat enjoying the mountain. - BH

Brian Heon, General Manager, Wildcat Mountain