Snowmaking #Purrfection

With 48 hours of snowmaking under our belt, I guess “When will Wildcat open?” is a fair question.  But before I answer, let me share some of this weekend’s #stoke, with you!

Quick timeline…..

Saturday – 9am, System is fired up, we are up to pressure and awaiting temps.  5 minutes of staring at a thermometer wishing temps to drop feels like a month! 

Saturday – 10am, temps drop a bit. Marginal condition presented themselves and after an hour of sitting in a room with a bunch of “ready to go” snowmakers, the call was made by Mountain Manager Nick Perrault……….. Light ‘em up fellas!  The energy was intense, the boys were ready to go and out the door than ran!

Snowmaking at 4000'  Looking out to Mt. Washington

Saturday afternoon/evening – Temps steadily fell through the twenties and into the high teens.  With every temperature decrease, the crew grew more and more excited.  Cold temps = more snow. More snow = happier snowmakers!

Sunday morning – Temps were glorious, 16 degrees in October!  As the sun came up, the grill came out.  What fuels the Wildcat snowmaking crew……… Bacon!  I feel that traditions are very important and a new was created this weekend.  From this point on, the first snowmaking go of the season, Peak Resorts Project Manager Brendan Ryan, will fuel our snowmakers #withbacon by grilling pounds and pounds and pounds of it!  The crew was #stoked, the temps were #purrfect and our system was moving every bit of water she could!

Sunday afternoon/evening – cold temps = happy snowmaker = big piles of snow!

Knee Deep in Snowmaking on Day 2

Monday – every good thing must come to an end.  Temps quickly rose from the teens into the upper twenties and we had to shut down.  But before we did we enjoyed a spectacular sunrise, bluebird skies, a walk down Upper and Middle Lynx to observe some HUGE piles of snow and of course one last bacon breakfast.

So back to the original question, when will Wildcat Mountain open? 

The rest of the week the temps are going to “blah”.  The PILES we created up high will sit and wait and we’ll be anxiously looking at the forecast.

Happy Snowmakers

Wildcat Mountain will open when we have a quality top to bottom product on Lynx, offering over 2,000 vertical feet of skiing serviced by the high speed Wildcat Express.  To us, that is #purrfection!

Stay tuned


Brian Heon - General Manager - Wildcat Mountain