The New Website is Here!

Welcome to our new website!  If you’re reading this, you have at least seen our new home page…what do you think? As you make your way around, we hope you enjoy the new layout, some of our AWESOME pics, our new snow report page and the great “flow” that the Wildcat Marketing team has created.  Browse away!

  • A new website is not the only “new” thing you will see at Wildcat this season. Some other summer improvements include:
  • 35 new low-e guns (we can’t get enough of those things!)
  • A new entry way to the lodge
  • A new state-of-the-art leach field (the forest loves us and we in turn love and respect the forest that we operate in)
  • New kitchen equipment (Iva’s burgers will be juicier and Linda’s beer will be perfectly chilled)
  • New trail signage (try to get lost) 
  • New chairs in the Pub (juicier burgers, perfect beer and new chairs….. there’s no reason to leave the Pub)
  • 2 words….. Mug Club (get them while they last, limited number available….. stay tuned for details)
  • 100’s of gallons of paint
  • 144 new pairs of rental/high performance demo skis

And now...we wait for cold temps!  Ma Nature blessed us earlier in October but has been a bit milder than we’d like over the past few weeks, but I don’t doubt her.  Temps will drop, guns will fire, snow will fall and we’ll be skiing and riding as soon as possible.  

Think Snow (or at least cold temps)!