PK's Spring Time Blog

PK’s March Madness Blog

Spring has sprung at Wildcat. We got a taste of spring skiing up here at Wildcat this last week with longer days, warmer temperatures and some great soft bump skiing! Then Old Man Winter said nope I am here to stay. Cold weather at night and staying below freezing works for us at Wildcat. The periodic colder temps just add days to our season and gets us closer to our goal of skiing into May.

This time of year it is awesome to be a manager at Wildcat. We are busy planning Capital Projects for the summer and developing our annual budgets for each department. I am the type of person that can’t stay behind a computer for long before I go stir crazy. It is great to break up the work day to go shred down Lynx Woods or the Wildcat trail top to bottom.  

I am so excited to be part of the upcoming spring events. This year both Cat Scratch Fever and the Pond Skim are going to be awesome. Cat Scratch Fever is the freestyle/mogul jam that Wildcat holds on April 6th. This year, we are planning on adding guest judging, an ice bar a BBQ, and winter disc golf! Cat Scratch Fever is one of my favorite events at Wildcat because the event is awesome and Pat Foley plays on this day and he rocks Ted Nugent’s song Cat Scratch Fever! This event is fun for everyone and is great for spectators and competitors alike. 

I am especially pumped about the pond skim this year. I am not sure if anyone has followed my pond skim career, but it will keep you on your toes. I had never done a pond skim until I came to Wildcat. My first attempt was on telemark skis and I was last to go. I didn’t think I was going to make it and when I went off the jump I did a giant face plant in the water. If you weren’t there I have included a clip for your viewing pleasure. I can’t believe I am showing this clip, typically this only comes out on family holidays when everyone needs a good laugh.

The next year, I was determined to make it across the pond. I even spent time in the Snow Cat with Nick our Mountain Operations Manager planning my attack. I tried twice last year and didn’t make it either time. I am excited for this year because I have the opportunity to build the pond myself with a Snow Cat. It is my goal to make it across the pond no matter what this year! How many people can say they made it across their first pond skim when they actually built the pond itself? I am pretty pumped! I fit in really well at Wildcat because I live by the motto "GO BIG OR GO HOME." This year’s pond skim will be a BIG splash! So, will you skim, splash or sink and swim?

Spring Skiing in March and April is a great time to work on your goggle tan and crush it in the bumps. Our bumps are the size of VW Bugs up here at Wildcat! Come out, soak up some Vitamin D and check out the spring events and see if PK will make it across the Pond!