Welcome to the Wildcat Blog

February is for lovers… and skiers!

Before I was in the ski business I always planned my ski vacations around this time of year. The snow is deep and coverage is around 100%. You can usually find powder stashes in the woods no matter what the conditions are. 

This year, the natural snow has been fantastic. November’s early season POW allowed for us to get open with more terrain than ever! December’s cold temps allowed for snowmaking, which makes for great base snow and January saw over 5 feet of snow! Seasons like this make Wildcat shine. The kitty was made for powder days.

I can’t think of a better job than working at Wildcat. Instead of coffee breaks, I get to enjoy the powder stashes! Wildcat has been skiing the best that I have seen in the 10 years I have been in the valley. We have had our struggles, but as everyone says ‘it’s all about that base’ !

This season, we have pushed our grooming team to groom more terrain. We have been grooming Stray Cat, Cat Nap, Cougar, and Hainesville Pass on all natural snow. We can’t groom every trail on natural snow due to hazardous features in the terrain. Hidden rocks and various other features can destroy the grooming machines tiller barrels make that beautiful corduroy. Stray Cat, Cat Nap, Cougar, and Hainesville Pass are grassy in the summer and with this year's natural snow being so deep we have been able to add these trails to our grooming repertoire. 

With the addition of these trails, we have added a ton more variety to our groomed terrain. We have been able to link a warm-up run down Upper Catapult to Middle Lynx, to Hainesville, to Cougar. This gives you a ton of added variety to mix up as a warm-up before you jump into the woods! Remember, ski good or eat wood!!!

It is crazy to think that we are just over halfway done with our season at Wildcat. On Feb. 2 nd I am usually at the pub eating my breakfast sandwich watching TV and waiting to see what Phil the groundhog will do down in Pennsylvania. (If you have never watched this program on the weather channel it is hilarious.) I usually have it blasting on the loudspeaker throughout the entire lodge. I was disappointed for Phil to say that it is going to be an early spring. #Phil’swrong! 

Then I quickly came to the realization that Wildcat is awesome in the spring. It is a great time of year to see all the passholders that have been up every weekend enjoying the goods and après parties. It is always great to see the groups of friends and families that make their annual trek to Wildcat to enjoy the awesome spring skiing or vacation week fun. It is a great group of people that make up the Wildcat Nation!

Hope you enjoyed my blog! We are working on a new blogging program where you will be hearing from different managers between Attitash and Wildcat. We are hoping to share a little about our operation. We will highlight both the successes and challenges that come with working across the street from Mount Washington. This year, the success stories have way outnumbered the challenges!

I can’t wait to see you guys out ripping around the mountain! It’s best time of year to be out on skis. I always look back during the summer months and I am like man, I should have skied more (don’t be this guy). The conditions rock and it’s time to go skiing. Tomorrow you will be one day older, days off should be spent at the Cat!

See you on the slopes,

Patrick Konvicka aka PK

Ops Manager