Wildcat Closing Decision

To all:

Thank-you for your continued hard work over these busy holiday times.  I'd like to say it's the last time we will deal with freezing cold temps and winds at our resorts but......

Wildcat, in typical Wildcat fashion, was ready to go this morning!  Patrol was ready, the lodge was ready, lift ops was ready BUT unfortunately Mother Nature was not.  Gusty winds and cold temps are the reason for our shut down.  I realize that timing is everything but it doesn't scare me to wait until the sun comes up to make these calls.  Can it be tough on our guests, yep; is it tough on our staff, yep; but we owe it to ourselves and our guests to do everything we can to make the best decision.

The easiest thing to do is to look at the forecast, say it's going to be windy and announce, the day before, that we are going to close.  However, that's not how we operate.  We do everything in our control to operate safely, efficiently and responsibly while providing a great guest experience. In today's situation, we needed the following pieces of info prior to making our decision.
1. An updated weather forecast.
2. The sun to come up so we can assess the entire lift line.
3. Patrol or Lift Maintenance to ride the lift.

Once all of this is in place, we are ready to make our decision. 

1.  it is -20 (ambient air temperature) at the summit of Wildcat
2.  We have experienced 45+ mph winds
3.  Wind chill value, at the above temperatures, is well below -50
4.  The winds would affect the operation of the lift.

So..... due to high winds affecting the operation of our lift and the exposure to our staff, guests and equipment, Wildcat will not open. Remember we operate safely, efficiently and responsibly while trying to provide a great guest experience.

Thank you all in advance for your hard work in dealing with these difficult days.