It Has Been A While

Well this whole idea about keeping up on this blog has been a little more challenging than I thought!  I was all for it when our marketing team talked about our new website, which I have to say is such an upgrade -  love the responsive beauty, and how it would have a blogging feature.  I liked the idea on sharing my thoughts in a forum like this.  They didn't tell me I'd have to sit in front of a computer and type!  Haha. In all seriousness I will do my best to write more often and weekly here in the future.  

If you know me it's difficult for me to sit in one place.  I come from an operations background.  I enjoy working in the outdoors and I'm not one to sit at a desk long.  I enjoy snowmaking, I enjoy the science behind it, watching the pumps work, and talking strategy with our operations team. 

Wildcat believe it or not has been making snow practically every day since the day we opened.  We've only missed a few days out of the 60 days we've been operating and those days have come few and far between.  Even on some of those warm days we were able to continue to make snow up top taking advantage of our elevation.  Our team just finished up a run on Cheetah and that will be open tomorrow for the weekend crowds and we're currently cranking away on Alley Cat. 

We've been blessed with some natural snow as of late with over a foot of snow the last 10 days and it's working in well with our snowmaking. This weekend we are pleased to offer up an Attitash / Wildcat favorite - Military Salute Weekend.  Active Military can ski for free at both Attitash & Wildcat this weekend by showing their proper ID.  (Check here for the proper acceptable ID.)  It's always great to see our military personnel out and about with their kids on these weekends. 

Looking ahead the weather looks fantastic for this weekend and beyond to get some turns in!

I hope to see you out on the hill.