Scenic Gondola Ride
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Enjoy spectacular views of Mount Washington & the surrounding Presidential Mountain range.

Wildcat Mountain is the only place in North America where you’ll find the unique lift conversion from a high-speed Quad in the winter to a scenic gondola in the summer.

To view the Best Scenery in the East - consistently named #1 by SKI Magazine Readers, ride aboard our four-person enclosed scenic gondola to Wildcat Mountain's 4,000+ foot summit. "Lunch & Ride" packages are available for you to enjoy a unique picnic experience while taking in 360 degree views at the summit.

Passes & Packages
Ultimate Pass
$49 (All Ages)
1 Gondola Ride, 2 Tickets for the ZipRider & 1 Round of Disc Golf with Rentals
Family of 4 Fun Pack $75 Gondola Ride for 2 Adults & 2 Juniors, and a Picnic Lunch

*Please note, the last gondola of the day departs at 4:45 p.m., riding a full, non-stop loop from the base to the summit and back.


"Why do you only use the gondola cabins in the summer, why not use them in the winter too?"


An often asked question, the answer is that operating the Wildcat Express Summit Lift as an enclosed gondola in the winter would be inefficient for our uphill capacity and make the lift more susceptible to wind holds. In the winter, when converted back to the more traditional four-person chairs, the Wildcat Express operates at twice the speed and is arguably one of New Hampshire's fastest high-speed summit lifts and is capable of reaching the summit from the base in just over 6 minutes, as opposed to the slower approximate 12-13 minute ride time in the summer.

It works in the summer better because we operate the lift slower and people aren't also having to deal with skis, poles, & snowboards. Also, for skiers and snowboarders, taking off skis or snowboard to load every single time would be a bit of a hassle. The other reason that we don't use gondolas in the winter is because the greater amount of surface area exposed and susceptible to the winter weather would expose our lift to wind holds. Something to consider when you are located directly across the street from Mt. Washington, home to the second highest wind speeds ever recorded in the world.

Now you know!